Conte: To change or not to change

Ahead of tonight’s game, Antonio Conte talks about the acceptance of new ideas and trusting what you do…

It is hard to look at the imminent fixtures against Liverpool and Arsenal and not think back to September and the consecutive league defeats against those opponents that now seems a watershed moment in Chelsea’s seasons.

It was following the home reverse against Jurgen Klopp’s side who we face again tonight, and a big away set-back at Arsenal, that there was a change in formation and a rapid upturn in results, convincing everyone that the Antonio Conte way is the right way.

‘It changed something in our mind, in our way to think,’ confirms Conte. ‘A new type of football, a new idea, and also to find the right solution to adapt better, me with the players and the players with me.

‘After two defeats we understood the way wasn’t good for us, and if we wanted not to repeat a bad season, for sure we had to change something, and it happened. For this I am pleased for my players because they showed me this will to change, to find a new solutions and to change our season.’

Some might say that Liverpool are now at a similar crossroads in their campaign following two points taken from nine in January and two cup exits, but as they are team already playing to their manager’s plan, Conte sees it differently.

‘Liverpool started the season really well, playing attractive football and this is the right way,’ says the Italian, ‘but when you lose games and you have your idea of football, you must continue with and trust in your idea.

‘This moment happens when you have a defeat and you start to think it is not right this way, but when you have your philosophy you have to overcome his negative period and I think Klopp’s team play an attractive football and they play very well.’

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